Virtual Exhibition: "SOCIAL DISTANCING"


The idea for this virtual exhibition was conceived towards the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic. While keeping their „social distance“ the participating artists create something together - without actually meeting in person. This artistic collaboration is not limited to music, but also includes other art forms such as photography, writing, visual arts or filmmaking. 

The objective of this online exhibition is to provide a glimpse into the creative exchange between the artists and to showcase the final results of this process. 


The first results are the following: 

Two works by Timur Yüksel (Mainz), Sebastian Gille (Cologne), Daniel Stritzke (Hamburg) and Lisa Stick (Hamburg). 

Since Sebastian spent a short time in Hamburg at the end of May we decided to actually meet in Daniel’s studio in order to record some free improvised music inspired by Timur’s photos. Still, most of the communication took place online or on the phone.




This project is supported by the Hamburg-based foundation „Claussen-Simon-Stiftung“.